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Sing Upright

break the soil
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A telling you what, yea war, is what you sing,
When you appeal to the darkness in our hearts & ting
Promoting the slackness within,
I beg of you entertainer to weigh the balance you bring
Are you the Yin? Are you the Yang?
Well I guess it doesn’t matter only where you belong
You promoting goodness or you promoting wrong,
On impressionable minds you leave a brand yo

Sing upright, sing upright (2x)

Talking to the man dem, that leads this generation,
With your lyrical content that promotes separation
All I hear is who got the biggest bling,
And everything you talk about is some competition ting
Who got the baddest car, who got the deepest rims,
Which man have got bullet scars, which man a wearing Tims
Tings in the scheme which ain’t even funny,
It’s amazing how you glorify their money, yo

Yo Miss Lady Singer, that leads this generation,
With your lyrical content bout your sexy disposition
Tings in the scheme which ain’t close to funny,
It’s amazing the low value you place on your body
Dressing like a bat which only fly by night,
Morality is that, of the Hollywood type
Doing all you can to get on MTV,
To reach the cross-culture & the big money
Maybe you don’t know or you don’t care,
Bout the impact you have from what the youths dem hear
By the impact you bring, by what the youths dem see,
It’s amazing how you sing for money, yo

Well if its all good, then its alright, if its all good, we will rock it all night
If it’s all good, then it’s alright, if it’s all good, we will rock it all night
If it’s all good, we will rock it, we will rock it


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