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King Baby

break the soil
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Sister, Empress, I want you to be Queen!
If you want a king baby, that’s alright, but if you want sustain lady,
You got to be wise, got to be wise, got to be wise,
Know yourself, know your wants, know your needs,
Know your can’ts, cause if you base, in ignorance,

Ignorance is gonna rule your days

Consciousness is but just the start,
Don’t base your love on pure physical
Is there shared goals, values, spiritual,
How many kids & their discipline
Who will do what to bring the balance,
Is there a chemistry in your romance
Know thyself before you run go take chance,
Cause the scars of the heart won’t go away


Cause hear wha’, Ravens flock, every bird to the matter yall
But it’s the wise that a know when to satta yall
Cause every berry not a sweet one & will poison ya
Some people click but some logic to the choices yall
So choose from sight & sex will be the lesson
No matter your stance, no matter your well-intentioned guessing
It’s ignorance of thyself that cause our stressing
So know yourself before you choose your way

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