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Beloved People

break the soil
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Letra da Música

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Beloved people how blessed & praised we are
With the gift of time we can heal our scars
Beloved people how blessed & praised we are
With the gift of life we can all propser

O’ how I hear your cry, from an ocean afar
Thunder, lightning, earthquake, shake down your altar

Cause what was once confidence, is now, uncertain matter
But what you face here now was overcome by others yea.
ChorusGood vibes we were given, to find our way
And our true wealth is joy, when we find happiness
So good things will come as we live responsibly
Cause we are all human & we are all God’s children

Who will deny, an angel today; that steps forth today?
Who will deny the heart, that changed its’ bad ways;
That changed its’ bad ways?

O how I hear your cry, from an ocean afar
So many lives searching, to find their altar
Seeking truth in religion, but they’re finding Dogma
It’s how we live that’s real, that’s how we bless & prosper


We can all prosper yea, we can all prosper yea
We can all prosper, prosper, prosper yea…

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